Who I am:

I grew up in a wonderful, peaceful part of New Jersey, and was taught throughout my life to appreciate the beauty around me.  I was instilled with a sense of compassion that I've learned to use in creative ways, and ultimately in my photography. 

I've traveled to various parts of the world (I absolutely love learning about new cultures), and photographed some of the world's most beautiful places and people.  I credit my travels, at least partly, for giving me such a wide opinion of beauty.

I'm obviously a photographer, but I'm also a life-coach helping other people find passion for life when they've lost that excitement.  You can read more about that here

Why work with me:

I love beauty.  Beauty, to me, can be found anywhere.  In people, in nature, in art.  It doesn’t matter what I’m looking at or where I am.  It doesn’t matter because the beauty I see is not just in the colors or the lines or the curves of what I’m looking at. 

The most beautiful thing I can see in front of me is in the moment, not the form.  A true appreciation of that moment in time and everything that had to happen to lead me to that moment.  A beautiful smile is not formed just by muscles and lips, but by the unseen cause of that smile...true happiness, love, excitement, joy, pride, appreciation, all of the moments in life that caused you to smile are what created that beautiful smile.

My art, my talent, is capturing an image that uses what we see in front of us to portray the emotions that are being felt in that one special moment you're experiencing.  I'm not looking to pose you in awkward, rigid positions like traditional photographers.  I'm going to create a photograph that shows the real beauty of you mixed with the unique beauty of your life using natural settings and your own natural poses.

Where I go:

I'll go wherever you want me to go for a photo session! 

I do have a few places I've used before and recommend:
- Somerville Court House - A beautiful white building that gives beautiful lighting for your portraits.
- Spruce Run Recreation Area - A wonderful natural setting with picnic areas, a beach, and plenty of water for a gorgeous backdrop.
- Princeton University Campus - Historical and beautiful.  You can't go wrong for any kind of session here.