Our First Date!

Without a doubt, a very memorable day for us!  We met on the corner of 5th Avenue and 79th Street, next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.  Neither one of us could actually see each other at first.  Brian was being blinded by the winter sun's reflection in the NYC windows (a moment that led Brian to secretly give his future wife the nickname "My Angel" as the way the sun lit her silhouette reminded him of the old show "Touched by an Angel"), and Camella simply wouldn't dare allow Brian to see her in her glasses, so it was all a blur to her.

Camella crossed the street to where Brian was eagerly waiting, and we met each other with butterflies and smiles.  Then, with the surprisingly not awkward hello's out of the way, we decided to take advantage of the unbelievably gorgeous day (it was in the mid 70's!) and ventured out into Central Park.  We had no true destination.  It was simply our first little adventure together.  We wandered through the park, turning here and there, telling stories, asking questions...laughing.  Lot's of laughing!

The time was already flying by, and when we somehow found our way back to where we started, we decided to add a little culture to our date.  So we strolled on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We both love and appreciate culture and art (admittedly in different ways at times).  Our comfort with each other was astounding.  Somewhere between Ancient Rome and Japan our hands brushed, and that little moment, the moment our hearts leapt out of our chests, and we apparently did not black out, caused our hands to wrap and close around the other.  A little glance at one another and a shy smile, and we were in our own little world.

So at the end of our tour through some of history's most amazing culture, we could have called it a day and went home extremely happy.  However, neither of us could say goodbye just yet.  So off we went to Time Square and to Planet Hollywood for some dinner and music.  This was actually where we had our first picture ever taken together, and we still have it!  Anyway, food, more stories, and lots more laughter would lead us all the way back to Central Park.

Still unable to say goodbye, we decided to walk through the park a little while longer.  It was a clear night.  There was something magical about sitting on a bench in the middle of New York City, surrounded by nature, and looking up at the night sky and actually seeing the stars above the city lights. 

And so our perfect first date came to a close.  A nice warm hug and we parted ways for our journeys home.  Day one was a beautiful success!