A little about this page:

Here is where you will find much of my fine art work.  I work with the human figure for many of my projects as I've always found the human body to be beautifully magical.  My work is created with an artistic perspective that uses the elegant flow of curves, the gentle strength of the body, and the creative use of light and shadow.

Here, you'll also find the projects that I'm currently working on.  These range from fine art series to coffee table books.  Not all projects will have samples for you to view, but there is a description with each of the projects listed here.  If you have an interest in taking part in any of my projects, or have an idea of your own you'd like to work with me on, please contact me here.

A little about modeling:

Some of my projects require specific looks or body types, however for most of my projects I work with all types of women, all cultures, all body types.  Don't hesitate to ask to be part of a project even if you don't think you look ideal.  This is art.  The ideal for my artwork is that you are looking to be part of something creative.

I work with professional models at times, but I absolutely love working with new models!  If you have no experience modeling don't worry.  I'm patient with my models and I'll help you throughout the shoot.

You will always be treated with respect.  I understand that modeling, let alone nude modeling, can be nerve-wracking for many women.  I make sure that you're comfortable at every point of our shoot.  If I need to touch you for any reason (move your hair, fabric, adjust your pose, etc.), I will explain and ask for permission. 

You will need to sign a modeling release.  This is a standard release form that basically shows that you acknowledge the type of shoot you're modeling for, what the photos are being used for, and that the photographer (me) maintains the rights to the images.  Compensation can vary between models, but typically models are given a set number of digital photos or prints from the shoot.  It is important to note that no model is ever given permission to sell or alter these images or prints in any way without my written consent.  As you read through the release, I will happily answer any questions that come up.