Fog Series:

This series of fine art photography is one of my all time favorites.  The use of fog with my art creates a sense of wonder that isn't often found in fine art work.  It brings some mystery along with a mystical magic to the image.  The lighting that I use is typically focused more on the fog so that the fog illuminates the edges of the body, but I do switch it up a bit when I feel the urge. 

Model for this series:

Interested in modeling for this series?  You must be comfortable with nudity.  Although we can hide most parts of your body with shadow, this limits the poses and lighting we can use quite a bit.  Currently, I'm really looking for athletic models as I want to contrast the strength and muscle of the body with the abstract softness of the fog.  However, all body types are welcome to participate. 

You should also be aware that I do ask for a $50 retainer to model for this series as I must purchase dry ice for the shoot.  The $50 will be reimbursed to you at the conclusion of our photoshoot.

Please contact me here for additional info or to book a shoot.