The idea:

This project is simple but deeply meaningful.  It consists of two different photos.  The first photo is you, and how you present yourself to the world, or how you believe the world views you.  You wear whatever you want, whatever you normally would wear on a typical out and about day.  This is the you the world sees.  The second photo is the stripped down, no barriers version of you.  You are nude (though you can be posed in a way so nothing shows if you are uncomfortable with nudity) to show the vulnerability of this version of you.  A brief phrase will be written on your body that states who you are on the deepest of levels. 

No, you don't get to make up whatever you want to have written on you.  To come up with the real you, I will walk you through a mental exercise that will uncover the deepest and truest part of yourself, and that is what we will use as your phrase.  This is a very personal and emotional shoot.  We've already experienced tears and laughter (tears of joy and love, don't worry) because of how true this process and shoot is.  The mental exercise is kept secret until you are experiencing it so that we are able to truly reach your true self.  We also ask each person taking part in this shoot to not talk about the shoot or the process with anyone not directly involved with the project.

How it's used:

Ultimately, these photos will be used in a printed coffee table book.  Until that point, the only other possibility of use is as part of a gallery showcase display.  There are no current plans to use any of the images online, but I do reserve the right to do so if I decide to showcase the project digitally.

To receive more information or if you'd like to be part of this project, please contact me here.