Fine Art:

Fine Art is a very subtle form of photography.  The subject can be a very large variety of different things, but in my case, I tend to stick with the female form...sometimes flowers.  I love working in nature with a nude model.  Allowing the model to embrace her own freedom surrounded by the tranquility and vastness of nature is such a beautiful portrayal of God's creations in their true form.

I also love playing with light.  I'll use shadow and light to accent certain lines of a model's body to create a wonderfully abstract form of art.

Be a Fine Art Model:

I've worked with models of all levels of experience for my fine art, and they all have their own strengths.  One common strength that seems to be extremely beneficial is a background in dance.  I consistently hear from my models that their fine art sessions are their favorites.  There's something freeing when you're expressing your creative ability through your body, and even more-so when it's just you without the constraints of clothing.  Nearly all of the models I've worked with on a fine art photoshoot has returned to model for more.  I believe that speaks volumes about how you can expect to feel about the experience.

Please contact me here to start planning your fine art shoot!