Glamour & Boudoir


What is Glamour/Boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a rapidly growing genre for women who want to feel empowered, beautiful, and sexy.  A boudoir session is all about the soft, but sensual, side of a woman. The photos are not intended to be sexualized in any manner, but they can tease the viewer...and this is exactly what we want to achieve with your photos.

Glamour uses more makeup and can be a little edgier than boudoir photography.  Depending on my client's personal style and preferences, I will blend these two styles to create a very personalized session.

What to Expect

In a style like boudoir, I feel that it's a good idea to be clear about what your session will be like:

  Before Your Session
When you book your session, we will have a conversation about the purpose of your session (gift for your partner, build confidence, fun, etc), style, wardrobe, and location.  Once we decide on this, pick a date, and you make your deposit, your session is booked.

  During Your Session
You are welcome to bring a friend for support if that makes you more comfortable.  You are also welcome to bring some champagne or wine to use both as a prop and as a nerve-calming potion.  However, I will not continue to photograph anyone who is intoxicated, so drink lightly if you decide to do this.  Once you're wearing what you want to wear for your photos, we will begin.  I will try to use as much natural light as possible since natural light photos tend to be more relatable and pleasing to the eye.  It would be perfectly normal to feel nervous and/or shy at first, but as we work through those first few minutes of your session, you'll feel your confidence begin to soar, and your photos will reflect that powerful feeling.

  After Your Session
Once we wrap things up, we'll share our thoughts about the experience with one another, you may get a sneak peak at a few of your shots, and we'll talk about the timeframe for your photos (which will depend on what you're ordering).  In the next few days, I will keep you updated with the progress of your photos while I edit them and submit them for printing if you're having them printed.  If you are having an album printed, you can either entrust me to pick your most flattering images, or we can meet to go through them together and select the images for the album.

Fog Boudoir: A Unique Option

  I have started using fog as a unique approach to boudoir photography.  Using a white backdrop and plenty of light, we create a scene that looks ethereal and angelic....with a little devilish style.  I've been most impressed by clients wearing lingerie in white or bright colors like red.  If you're looking for something to bring that extra statement to your photos, you should consider this option for your boudoir session.


Standard Session - $500

- Planning consultation
- Up to a 2 hour session
- 15 Edited digital images
- One 11x14 print

Mini Session - $300

- Planning consultation
- Up to a 1 hour session
- 10 Edited digital images


- Premium Albums - starting at $500
- Photo Books - starting at $150
- Metal Prints - starting at $40 (8x10)
- Canvas Prints - starting at $110 (8x10)

Fog Boudoir - $600

- Planning consultation
- Up to a 2 hour session
- 15 Edited digital images
- One 11x14 print