Your Photographer

I am a member of Professional Photographers of America, and I take my craft seriously...just not too seriously.

For me, photography started as a challenge and creative outlet that I did in my spare time as I pursued a career as a counselor.  Little did I know, my career as a counselor was actually giving me skills that would translate directly into my photography career.

I learned to read people, to get to know them, to understand their perspective on life.  This gives me the great benefit of capturing the real you, unencumbered by the veil of societal pressure, in a comfortable and beautiful way.  I love this about my photography business.  I love being able to look at the photographs I've taken and see the person expressing their true love and passion in such a vulnerable and honest moment.

Now, I'm an established and published photographer with 17 years of experience.  I've found my passion within photography, and I love every aspect of the creative process that goes into each photo session, before, during, and after. 

People don't come to me just to have portraits done.  My clients come to me for a fun and memorable experience...the photos are your souvenirs of that experience!